Reunions: Navy

USS WORDEN (DLG/CG 18) reunion will be held 25-29 Sep 19 at the Holiday Inn Marina, Corpus Christi, TX. Contact D. NEIMEYER, 9026 Haaf Rd., Fogelsville, PA 18051; 610/285-4515, More details on our Facebook group “USS Worden CG18”

USS THETIS BAY (CV-90/CVHA-1/LPH-6) reunion will be held 4-8 Sep 19 at the Handlery Hotel, San Diego, CA. Contact F.J. BALTHAZOR, 2317 Stuart Ct., Madison, WI 53704-2852; 608/249-9961,

USS AUCILLA (AO-56) ASSN reunion will be held 16-20 Sep 19 at the Double Tree Suites by Hilton (Airport),  Charleston, SC (843/518-6200). All hands welcome, along with family & friends. Contact T. FLYNN; 386/671-1988,

MCB1/MCB9/MCB10 reunion will be held 3-6 Oct 19 in Virginia Beach, VA. All Seabees welcome. Contact W. JOHNSON; 757/570-5864, or visit