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  • 18 MP BRIGADE – VIETNAM: Looking for anyone who served in one of the seven INFANTRY companies that were assigned to the Brigade (or worked closely with them or have knowledge of their operations). I served on the Brigade staff in 1967-68 as Infantry Liaison Officer and am currently doing research on the role of infantrymen in military police operations in Vietnam. Contact N. Williams at
  • MARINES — 1st TANK BN, 1st MARINE DIV, KOREA — Looking for anyone who knew my dad, tank driver MALCOM DOUGLAS HEARD, JR., during the Korean War, 1950-53. Please contact C. McDANIELS, 171 Twin Oaks Rd., Deridder, LA 70634.
  • SCHOLARSHIP GRANTS: The deadline is 1 June 2017, for applicants seeking scholarship grants through The Society of the 3rd Infantry Division Scholarship Foundation, Inc. Applicants must be the biological or adopted offspring of Soldiers who served or are serving in the 3rd Infantry Division. For the application and instructions, call 972/495-1704, or visit our website at
  • The JOHN W. BROWN online store is now up and running. Get your one-of-a-kind Plimsoll glasses and much, much more. All profits from the store go directly to the maintenance of the WWII Liberty Ship, SS JOHN W. BROWN.
  • Seeking anyone who worked with ROBERT SUTTON in VIETNAM for one year before the fall of Saigon. He worked for a U.S. contractor as a tech setting up listening devices on the HO CHI MINH TRAIL. Information will be part of a book in the near future. Please contact F. ALBRECHT, PO Box 506, Riegelsville, PA 18077
  • MARINES — MARINES — MARINES: Former Marines, active duty, reservists, join the largest Marine Corps veteran organization; the Marine Corps League. New Jersey residents will the eligible to obtain the DMY “Leatherneck” license plate. Membership includes subscription to Semper Fi magazine, only second to our Leatherneck magazine. For further info contact R. BASILE, 5 Stonehill Lane, Belvidere, NJ 07823.
  • SCHOLARSHIPS: The 101st Airborne Division foundation offers various scholarships to 101st Airborne Division active duty soldiers, veterans and their families. Last year, an additional fund was added to award scholarship grants of $2,500 to family members of 101st soldiers who were seriously wounded or who died while on active duty. Information on all the scholarships can be found under the Resources tab on the 101st AIRBORNE DIVISION ASSOCIATION website at http://screaming
  • “A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE KOREAN WAR” booklet, published by the Illinois Korean Memorial Assn. for free distribution to public libraries, junior and senior high schools in Illinois, is available for purchase by individuals for $10. Tax deductible donations welcome. 100% of all donations go to the book project and the upkeep of the Illinois Korean War Memorial. Send check or money order to ILLINOIS KOREAN MEMORIAL ASSOCIATION, PO Box 8554, Springfield, IL 62791.

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