Editor’s Log

Welcome to issue 423 of your Military.


Let’s jump right in!

According to a recent article I read, apparently Facebook and Google are working feverishly to develop and implement an algorithm that will basically block and hide any and all conservative websites, content, etc., that pertain to the reelection of President Trump. According to a Google executive, they will do everything within their power to prevent what happened in 2016, the election of President Trump.

These folks are so filled with hate and rage against a sitting president that they are willing to stoop to new lows to subvert the will of the people and manipulate the voters. These are things that take place in third world dictatorships and have no place in a free society, but these devilish workers are bound and determined to get their way using any means available to them. This just further illustrates the pervasive evil and hate within in the demo-communist party.

In other news, I read an article about Congresswoman Fredrica Wilson (D, FL), who wants anyone who criticizes or makes fun of Congress on social media, etc., to be punished. Apparently she has received a lot of both for her incredibly ignorant rants and statements. Obviously this one can dish it out but can’t take it — and has apparently failed to read the First Amendment!


Let’s dance around the big citizenship elephant in the Supreme Court and whether to include that question on the 2020 census. In what other country would a question about whether or not a person is a citizen of said country not be allowed because it would “disenfranchise” or “discriminate” against certain people who were in the country illegally? What kind of asinine logic or reasoning is this? Only from a reprobate liberal mind! The Supreme Court said that Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross had provided inadequate rationale for why the citizenship question should be included. Excuse me, inadequate rationale? What is wrong with a sovereign nation asking a legitimate question pertaining to citizenship of said country? It’s not as if the question has never been on the census before. What’s wrong with “Where were you born?” Then go on from there to assess the basis of residency of those not born here. One needs to know the fabric of the country in order to assess the needs.

To me, not including it means the end of our nation as a whole, essentially erasing our borders and creating a lawless free-for-all of people with no national identity, no loyalty, and a dog-eat-dog society.

Our country and our freedoms are being extinguished one brick at a time.


I couldn’t bring myself to watch even a second of the democrat presidential candidate clown show as they spewed forth their outlandish lies and propaganda, but I did read about some technical difficulty suffered by CNN and others. I had to laugh, as that’s the best thing that could have happened at the lie fest! Meanwhile, the trained seals attending the fest clapped on cue to whatever lies the various “candidates” offered to placate their minion followers.

I’ll close out my rant for this month with this: I find the democrats to be blind to their own hypocrisy. Case in point, President Trump’s recent meeting with North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un. The lame-stream media made a big ballyhoo over Obama’s “historic” visit to Viet Nam, but when President Trump does a similar thing suddenly he’s cohorting with dictators.

— John D. Shank, Editor