Editor’s Log

Welcome to issue 392 of your Military. I’m going to just jump right in and say Happy New Year! And, I say that with a sigh of relief. I am optimistic that this year will be the start of our recovery from the eight disastrous years this country has suffered under the awful policies set forth by the Obama administration. Let’s face it folks, his presidency was a failure from the day he took office and, now, hopefully, that nightmare is over!

As one nightmare ends, so, it seems, another begins. I speak of the disgusting and juvenile temper tantrum thrown by the leftist agitators because their precious queen lost the election. The lying media had them so convinced that Hillary was going to win that they simply couldn’t believe that she lost. I mean how could it be that she lost when every “poll” had her leading by such a large margin? Well, when you listen to and believe everything the abhorrent, lying, media spoon-feeds you then you just can’t handle the truth when things don’t go your way. Yet, they refuse to blame the media for misleading them, instead they lash out violently against those they perceive as being the cause for their loss. Yeah, such tolerance from an intolerant crowd of sore losers!

I have never witnessed such poor losers in my lifetime. These poor little crybabies are so pathetic and it frightens me to think that these millennials will someday be the leaders of this country. America will surely falter under their leadership if they can-not handle real life and require a pacifier to face disappointments in their lives. I guess we can thank the liberal public educators who handed out participation awards while spewing communist doctrine in America’s classrooms.

Equally deplorable was all the pomp and circumstance that followed the death of the murderous tyrant Fidel Castro. The media made such a big deal over that commie SOB, but we hear scant mention about the many law enforcement personnel who have been murdered or executed on the streets of America. I don’t recall hearing anything from the current White House resident about those deaths, nor has he expressed sorrow for the loss of law enforcement lives in any fashion.

I believe that Obama has done more to divide and destroy our country during his time in office. He leaves office with a more racially divided country, taking us nearly back to the days before MLK, Jr., and his “I Have A Dream” speech.

It is my hope that the Trump administration will stop the practice of using our military for failed social experiments and return to the business of what the military is designed for: fighting wars and maintaining peace!

Case in point, a female Navy commander unprecedentedly resigned her command and walked off her ship. No reason was given for her resignation. From another source, I’ve read that the morale within the Navy is at an all-time low with some of the commanders being more of a political appointee than an actual ship commander, and they seem to be more preoccupied with transgender lectures and social experiments than about ship maintenance. Apparently some ships can only deploy for a short period because of poor ship maintenance and experiencing breakdowns that no one seems to know how to repair, in addition to general crew conflict with some of the female crewmembers. Obviously, this is no longer your father’s Navy!

I trust you will enjoy this issue of Military, filled again, with stories written by our subscribers about selfless service to our country. In particular, a granddaughter pays tribute to her grandfather who survived the attack on Pearl Harbor 75 years ago.

If you’re looking for a New Year’s resolution, make it your resolve to submit your story to Military. That’s an easy one to keep!

— John D. Shank, Editor