Editor’s Log

Welcome to issue 418 of your Military where the Press of Freedom is still churning out right-wing news from California’s conservative desert.

With the cold front that has been blanketing our country, I suggest you grab a cuppa something hot before you sit back and enjoy this month’s offerings. Don’t spill it though; we don’t want you to sue us.


The saga continues with the obstructionist democrats refusing to fund the wall. And smug and arrogant House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, along with Chuck Schumer lead the charge to make sure the wall doesn’t get built.

Let’s face the facts here. Today’s democrat party is nothing but the party of hate, death and destruction. They have shown themselves to be the enemy of the people and care nothing for those whom they are supposed to represent. They only care about themselves, money and power. They have no interest, or desire, in making America better; their only interest is to destroy our existing Constitutional Republic and replace it with a socio-communist nightmare with equal poverty and misery for all — except for the “leaders.” The left continues to show their hypocrisy regarding the wall because during the Obama administration, they were all for building the wall! Although, I think when it comes right down to it, I believe even that support was nothing but blatant lies, as they had no real intention of actually doing it. That seems to be their modus operandi: they spew out lies to placate their ignorant subjects, then turn around and do the exact opposite. It’s what you come to expect from habitual liars.


I wasn’t able to watch President Trump’s State of the Union address live, but thanks to the ’ol Internet, I was able to watch it online. I couldn’t help but notice the fire and seething hatred in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s demeanor. I’m sure she just wanted to blurt out something incoherent and I think she was doing everything in her power to control herself, including, literally, biting her tongue.

I found it quite interesting that, following the President’s SOTU address, a poll was taken and 76% of those polled approved of the President’s message. That leaves a mere 24% who did not; so much for the liberally-biased media’s negative portrayal of his message!


On another note, I find it quite disheartening that there are business owners who have become so liberally-biased that they refuse to serve patrons who show support for the President by wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat. I understand that it is the right of a business owner to refuse service, however, I think it’s quite childish and immature in this case. It’s what you can expect from a business owner in liberal southern California.


Here’s a request that bears repeating. I cannot stress enough how imperative it is for you to submit usable pictures. Some things don’t make it into Military (mostly Back Then pictures) because the quality of image is so poor that it is impossible for us to use. We can’t take a poor quality picture/image and reproduce it with any clarity and enlarging an already poor-quality image only makes it worse. The same goes for scanning that image into your computer and printing it out. If you have a photograph that you want to share, but aren’t comfortable with sending it to us (we will return it), then please take it to your local photo developer and let them make you a high quality reproduction of your original photograph. Thank you for your understanding.

— John D. Shank, Editor