Editor’s Log

Welcome to issue 371 of your Military. As always, this issue is filled with your stories. If you haven’t submitted one of yours, we welcome you to do so.

This April marks the 40th anniversary of the fall of Saigon and the beginning of the communist wholesale slaughter of innocent people who didn’t toe the communist lie in Viet Nam, Laos and Cambodia. It seems to be a common pattern with communist takeovers: they murder those who would challenge communist doctrine and dare to think independently. Communism is the worst form of government ever perpetuated on people because nothing but death and misery follows it.

As of late we’ve seen an influx of ’Nam stories coming in, which is great. I’m glad to see more ’Nam vets willing to open up and tell their stories; you have nothing to hide or be ashamed of about your service. You did what our government asked of you, despite what all those cowardly ’60s hippies said and the insults they hurled at you upon your arrival home. Be proud of your service. We are proud to be able to publish your stories in the pages of this magazine!

I recently read something that left me absolutely stupefied as to how undeniably ignorant some people really can be. It was a letter to the editor of another publication in response to an article. The writer of the letter wrote “To say our government would lie to us is offensive to me.” The editor’s response, in part, noted, “How stupid some people are. I hope this one doesn’t vote.” The sad reality is this: the government lies to us every day! It doesn’t matter, either, what level of government it is, be it county, city, state or federal and the word politician is, in my opinion, synonymous with liar. The worst part is that these politicians habitually lie and they don’t even try to hide it. It seems to me over these past six years with the current head liar in charge, it has become a lot more blatant; almost everything that comes out of his mouth is either a lie or fabrication!

While many places around the world burn, our liar and cheat fiddles, adding fuel to the fire. His half-hearted attempts to help beleaguered forces in the Middle East and in the Ukraine are futile at best. I believe his actions, or lack thereof, are only to pla-cate the American people to seemingly show that he is doing something, even though what he is doing hinders more than helps. His true colors are showing, even in his attempt to thinly veil them. It has grown quite apparent where his loyalties lie and it isn’t with America. Despite his eloquent words and persuasive charm, he hates this country and all it stands for. He seems to be doing everything within his power to dismantle this country brick by brick and he could very well achieve that goal. Let’s face it, his sympathies are with the Muslims; consider the fact that he sides with them at every turn, despite what he says to the contrary. In my opinion he is handing up America on a silver platter to any and all Muslim terrorists who want to kill us and destroy this country in order to set up their Islamic rule.

Secretary of State John Kerry attempting to negotiate with Iran over its nuclear intentions is a joke reminiscent of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain negotiating with Adolf Hitler prior to the onset of WWII. I almost expected John Kerry to come back waving a piece of paper while proclaiming “Peace in our time!” just like Chamberlain did to the British people. The fact is you cannot negotiate with evil. What we have for leadership in this country is a bad joke perpetrated on the American people.

Let us stay prepared and vigilant for whatever hell the future holds.

— John D. Shank, Editor