Editor’s Log

Welcome to issue 370 of your Military. This issue is packed with more of your stories and one that we’ve never seen. You might question our choice of putting a donkey on the cover thinking it’s in reference to the Democrats, but not true. This burro actually served in the military and you can read his story on page 10.

Keith Cockerham of Louisiana sent in four publications for our library archives. The first is a book titled “The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers: A History,” published in 2007; the next is “Survival — Training Edition, AF Manual 64-3” published by the Department of the Air Force in 1969; and two periodicals, a September ’65 issue of “Combat Crew – Strategic Air Command” and an October ’63 issue of “Aerospace Safety” by the United States Air Force.

The liar-in-cheat’s State of the Union Address was, in my opinion, a complete and utter joke. It was just more of the same lies and propaganda we’ve come to expect from this poor excuse of government administration. Although I didn’t watch or listen to the address because, frankly, I can’t stand the sound of his constant lying voice, I did read the transcript and found it lacking in any substance, other than appealing to his left wing voting base.

Clint Eastwood’s film “American Sniper” has created quite a firestorm amongst some of the left wing dingbats in Hollyweird, but chiefly with liberal loon propaganda filmmaker Michael Moore. In my opinion, Moore isn’t fit to lace up the boots of any of our military men, and, if anyone is a coward, as he referred to Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle, it is Moore! I think it’s a cheap shot by Moore and the others to make such disparaging remarks about someone, especially considering they are deceased, because not one of those cowards would have the guts to say it if Kyle were alive today. None of those Hollyweird nit-wits have any clue as to what our military men do to protect their right to make such ignorant statements and keep them from harm.
On the flip side, this controversy has been good, as Moore’s ridiculous comments have energized people into seeing the movie, surging it to the top of the box office movie list while bringing in millions of dollars. I’m sure Moore’s intent wasn’t to boost the movie but, nevertheless, his criticism backfired badly!

It was utterly sickening and horrifying to learn that those barbaric Islamic terrorists burned that Jordanian pilot alive. No, I didn’t watch the video, but I can only imagine how awful it was. Then, to follow that up, they beheaded two Japanese journal-ists. I believe the Islamic demons are ratcheting up their barbaric acts to get some kind of a rise out of the world.
They want a fight, as they think they are somehow superior, but, other than Jordan’s King Abdullah II and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, we have few leaders willing to confront and destroy these vermin from the face of the earth.
It is my belief that the pit of hell has been opened and these Islamic demons have been unleashed upon us. In the wise words of Irish Statesman Edmund Burke, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Are the rest of our world leaders so paralyzed by fear of these Islamic devils or has political correctness so neutered us that we are un-willing to stand up to the face of evil? One wonders!
Thankfully for them, I’m not the leader of the free world because if I were, those Islamic devils would cease to exist as I would use every tool at my disposal to kill every single one of them, rules of engagement be damned! Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire because that seems to be the only thing these Islamic devils understand, as you can’t negotiate with evil!

— John D. Shank, Editor