Editor’s Log

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We are living in quite a tumultuous time and lunacy is on the loose.

It appears as though the Democrats are willing to commit political suicide with their outlandish displays of hatred and unhinged behavior. Being as business savvy as President Trump is, he is quite wise to the left’s shenanigans and, in my opinion, he keeps allowing the rope to pay out until it reaches the end and the dems hang themselves. The left portrays themselves as compassionate and tolerant; however, they display quite the opposite to anyone who doesn’t think like they do or believe in their fantasies.

Former President Obama did a fine job of dividing this country, not only racially, but also politically. I believe that what we are seeing is the product of those divisions, to the detriment of our country. If the left somehow manages to pull off gaining control of one or both Houses of Congress, then we are officially screwed because they will obstruct and defy everything President Trump is trying to accomplish, and essentially stop the country from moving forward. The left would rather see everyone in the country suffer than see the President succeed in repairing the country after eight years of disastrous Democrat control. They would rather cut off their noses just to spite their faces.

I recently read an article that stated the Pentagon is considering implementing a policy to perform gender reassignment surgery for any military personnel who requests it. I don’t know who is running the Pentagon, but they truly need to be relieved from duty if they vote to implement this awful policy. Almost every mentally disturbed person would attempt to join the military just so they could get their gender reassignment surgery performed at taxpayer expense! Meanwhile, our veterans who rely on the VA for their medical needs would needlessly suffer. I hope this is shot down and never comes to light again; this would be disastrous for our military personnel.

Well, apparently, another big company wishes to commit suicide by supporting and endorsing an anti-American who has lived a somewhat-privileged life, then turns and bites the hand that feeds him.

Why do these CEOs feel it necessary to choose sides and add more fuel to the fire? Through the very capitalist system they supposedly detest what has brought them billions of dollars from selling cheap slave labor-made products with their logo blazoned on it, that they risk their livelihood to support anti-Americanism makes no good business sense. If you decide to take a stand and oppose the majority of Americans then be prepared to suffer the consequences of that action. Personally, I don’t watch football, and I certainly don’t buy those name brand products, because all you’re paying for is the big name; their quality often isn’t any better than any other.

The Red Hen restaurant in the Washington, DC, area that kicked out White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders learned the hard way that their actions had consequences when their business dramatically dropped off. Apparently there are not enough left wingers to make up the shortfall of lost business. Again, a lesson learned the hard way!

One would think that if your business suffers after you make a political stand, that would be enough for other businesses to take notice and not make the same mistake, but that’s not always the case.

— John D. Shank, Editor