Editor’s Log

Welcome to issue 420 of your Military. May brings us a national day of honor to all who served and especially to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we hold dear. Thank you to all who have worn our country’s uniform, no matter the branch of service. We at Military salute you and wish you all a Happy Memorial Day.


April Fool’s! Thank you to several attentive subscribers who brought to our attention that we misidentified the vehicles pictured on the cover of April’s issue. Yes, indeed, they are Armored Personnel Carriers and not tanks!


I laughed hysterically that nutty New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (AOC) Green New Deal proposal failed miserably when it was brought to a vote before the House. Not one single representative voted yes on it, even after all the hoopla and praise it received when she initially rolled out the plan. Seems like all the dems were fully onboard and all gung ho to implement it in the beginning, but once it came to actually voting on it, they ran away from it like rats from a sinking ship. I guess they figured that, in the end, it would be detrimental their bottom line which is enriching themselves at taxpayer’s expense!

After the spectacular failure, AOC threw a temper tantrum and tried to blame Fox News and the GOP for portraying her proposal in a negative light. This seems to be typical behavior for AOC: if she doesn’t get her way, she throws a hysterical temper tantrum, points fingers and assigns blame to everyone else for her failure. Precisely the type of behavior you would expect from a child or an adolescent, not an adult, let alone an elected official.

Why does the democrat party allow this obviously economically- and historically-illiterate woman to continue her ranting and raving, and not be summarily relived of duty and escorted out? Could it be that the commie-dems are using her as a distraction to cover their nefarious activities as they undermine and destroy our country? Only time will tell. I’m sure at some point we will discover the truth.


It looks like creepy Joe Biden strikes again, invading the personal space of women and young girls. What shouldn’t surprise me, however, is that the dems seem just fine with his inappropriate behavior and laud him as their possible presidential nominee. If he were a Republican who exhibited this inappropriate behavior, he would be castigated and drummed out by the dems, the media, celebrities, etc., and given a hashtag moniker for social media to latch on to (#metoo). Look at what they did to Judge Kavanaugh who had never shown any type of inappropriate behavior and was darn near squeaky-clean.

I had an epiphany about the dems allowing Biden to throw his hat in the ring for President. Think about this for a moment: Biden, as far as I’m concerned, has shown to be mentally incompetent, especially while he was Vice President. His constant gaffes and idiotic statements certainly don’t make him out to be a scholar, let alone President of the United States, however, my theory is that the leftists and globalists both need a figurehead whom they can manipulate and control, just as they did Obama. Who better to fill that bill than Joe Biden, the court jester?

— John D. Shank, Editor