First time “Thank You”

by Brian Gay

Missing in America Project

by LCDR James W. Gibson USN (Ret), Redding, CA

The Moving Wall

by Armond Noble, Publisher, Military

Viet-Nam – my journey back

by Steve Leighton, Victoria, MN

Wild Card Six

by Roger L. Kehrier, Plymouth, MI

Secrets of the East China Sea

by Ronald Regan, Leesburg, FL

WWII memorial on Yap

by Patrick Thomas Ranfranz, Cameron, WI

Wake Island – Alamo of the Pacific

by Bill Altaffer, San Diego, CA

Another day in the office

by Lt. Col. Simon L. “Spider” Webb USMCR, Oxford, MS

1st Air Commando Group — Viet-Nam 1963

by Jack Williams, Coral Springs, FL