Camp Bouse, Arizona

by Harold Sweeney, Lake Havasu City, AZ

Tet truce violated

by James F. Breen, Blakeslee, PA

Brain stimulation & virtual reality for PTSD

by John Cervone, N. Providence, RI

HS-11 observer

by LCDR Bob Shaver, USN (Ret), North Kingstown, RI

Navy Seals return departed comrades to the sea

by Allan C. Stover, The Villages, FL

Patrol mission into NVA territory

by Jerry Conners, Virginia City, NV

An interview with Colonel Ola L. Mize

by Don Lichay, Gurley, AL

Sedalia Army Air Force Base, 1942-47


Pennsylvania to Pearl Harbor

by Jennifer M. Contino, Ellwood City PA

B-39 SOVIET SUBMARINE — A U.S. submarine officer’s reckoning

by Noreen Kompanik, San Diego, CA