The Ultimate Basic Training Guidebook

by SGT Michael Volkin
ISBN 1-932714-11-1 $20.99 Available in paperback or e-book

The author Sgt. Michael Volkin had no military family history, no desire to ever join the military, yet after the tragic morning of 9/11 he heard the call and joined the Army Reserves. He departed for basic training one month later with no idea what it was in store for him. After arriving for basic training he decided to take notes on everything he did so that other recruits would have a better idea knowing what to expect and prepare them prior to arriving at boot camp. Many hours of research and careful notes went into this easy to read and understand book. The Ultimate Basic Training Guidebook is indispensable for anyone planning on joining the U.S. Army, it contains step-by-step preparations to condition yourself physically prior to you induction into basic training. It also contains many informative tips on what and what not to do during basic, learned from those who have been there and done that. The book will also mentally prepare you for the stressful weeks ahead during boot camp. It is well written, and covers most all aspects of basic training except rifle training and marksmanship. The book contains charts, workout guides, and a section on basic military acronyms, and terms. There is also a web site available ( for more up-to-date information on basic training, tips, other soldier’s experiences, and much more.