Pacific Odyssey — Connections, By Arthur C. Farrington

(Sunflower University Press, 2003; paperback, 308 pp. — ISBN 089745264X).

In this personal narrative the author not only provides readers with a story of his career as a Marine but a scrapbook of memories as well. There are several vignettes, five songs and poems, three maps, 76 photographs (including former girlfriends, one who later became his wife), and copies of other memorabilia.

The author enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps in April 1940 and served with the First Marine Division on Guadalcanal, New Guinea, New Britain, and Peleliu. His first book, “The Leatherneck Boys: A PFC at the Battle for Guadalcanal” was published in 1995.

Because much of the author’s World War II experience has been published in “The Leatherneck Boys” it comprises only a small part of this book. Larger sections are his experience aboard the LST 512, a Navy exhibition craft that traveled the inland waterways and eastern third of the United States demonstrating amphibious operations of WWII; his wartime experience in the Korean War, and duty in Haiti. The time between WWII and Korea was spent at the University of California at Los Angeles. Returning to active duty with his Marine Corps Reserve unit, he stayed on active duty for sixteen years with assignments at various duty stations and a tour of duty in Viet-Nam (1967). The author retired form the Corps as a Commissioned Warrant Officer, or for Marines, “Gunner.”