A Civilian In Green Clothes, by Jerome Doherty

(Pentland Press, 2007; 206 pp., $21.95 – ISBN 9781571974709)

In 1960, the author of this personal narrative was a college student attending Regis College in Denver, Colorado, when he enlisted in the Marine Corps Platoon Leaders class (PLC). As a PLC, the he was required to attend two six-week sessions of officers training during his summer break from college. Readers familiar with Marine Corps recruit training will note the difference for potential officers and the Marine recruit. On 3 June 1963, the author received his degree from Regis and a commission in the Marine Corps.

After completing Officers Basic School at Quantico, Virginia, the author was assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines preparing for deployment to Okinawa. During its second deployment to Okinawa, the 7th Marines were ordered to land in Viet-Nam. After landing in Viet-Nam, the author relates his experiences, particularly in the area of Hill 76 and around No Name Village. The reader will find the author’s experiences similar to many personal narrative of this genre.

Discharged from the Marine Corps in 1977 after his return from Viet-Nam, the author was, true to his word, “A Civilian in Green Clothes.”

The book contains 206 pages, four maps of poor quality, 11 black and white photographs, with no table of contents or index.